ISIS recruiter from Canada

It is very likely that you have heard about the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS). Their mission as voiced publicly back in June, is to establish a new Islamic state across the Middle East and they have already crossed expectations for doing so. In fact, they are also likely leading to World War III.

Recently, about a month ago, a Canadian woman joined this fight in Syria. CBC is acknowledging the recruiter as Aisha and her sister as Rabia to keep their identities obscured. Aisha, 23 years old, had traveled and joined with ISIS last summer after taking an online Quran course taught by a woman based in Edmonton. Aisha and Rabia had a moderate Muslim upbringing and her older sister Rabia states how devastated she was by the news. “When Aisha called home from abroad, she told her family she was never coming home — that Syria was where she was going to die.” Reportedly, there were changes that were being seen in Aisha. “Aisha withdrew from her family and social circle, started wearing a niqab and retreated to her bedroom and computer” says her sister. Aisha studied Islam full-time with the woman in Edmonton and also dropped out of college for the same. The family suspects the woman to have sponsored the plane tickets but no confirmation has been given yet.

Who do you think sponsored the recruiter’s plane ticket? What do you think influenced ‘Aisha’ to join ISIS? Do you really think it was her teacher? How dangerous do you feel this could be for Canada and what impact would this make?

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India’s Daughter: The Story of Jyoti Singh

India’s Daughter: a story of the gang rape of 23-year-old medical student Jyoti Singh leaving the world stunned by the effects and causes of that night. Two weeks of fighting death, Jyoti Singh had passed away and left her parents, friends and her country at its worst.

On the night of December 16, 2012, young Jyoti Singh, accompanied by a male friend, had boarded a private bus with six other men. As a lesson of going out at a late hour with male companion that had no relation to the female, six men had brutally assaulted the male, leaving him unconditionally unconscious and gang raped her. For what had estimated to be an hour of taking long and deserted rounds of Delhi’s highways, Jyoti and her friend were pitched out of the bus and were ditched with no concern of the injuries by the six men.

Riots in India occurred questioning the absurd action made by these six men, representing the majority of India’s men. Young women, mothers, sisters, and even fathers stood up for what was named as India’s Daughter. Although many women today still question the authority and freedom that they are told that they have.

After three long hearted years, a documentary has been released of interviews and evidence of the thoughts and feelings of the criminals convicted of such a sin, before being hanged to death.

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Sample Post: Food Crisis in Nunavut

To begin our discussion, let’s look at a crisis that many northern Canadians are facing. Food prices in Nunavut are at an all-time high, making it very difficult for the average Nunavummiuq (the Inuit word for a person who lives in Nunavut) to afford a decent meal. Read this article in the Huffington Postand comment with your thoughts.